We hope you are keeping well in these challenging times and are doing your best as much as you possibly can.

For us here we are doing okay andĀ just like you we are trying to adjust as much as we can.

We have been hard at work remotely over the past month and today we are excited to share with you an update on the circle progress bar control, separator control, button and Dataviz.

Through listening to your feedback, we have managed to add the features you requested on the Circle Progress Bar and Separator.

Create interactive stunning progress states using Circle Progress bar control

Bunifu Circle Progress Styles

We have added the following enhancements to the circle progress bar designed to bring the best out of your design:

  • Added Smart Tags.
  • Added properties ‘ProgressStartCap’ and ‘ProgressEndCap’ that provide various edge styling options.
  • Added property ‘ProgressFillStyle‘ that allows both solid and gradient colour fills.
  • Added property ‘ProgressColor2’ that lets you provide a gradient colour fill.
  • Added property ‘ValueByTransition’ that allows animating the progress value.

Added property ‘ProgressAnimationSpeed’ for controlling the progress animation speed.

More flexibility and style for Bunifu Separator

You now have the ability to choose betweenĀ Horizontal and Vertical orientation using Bunifu separator.

Bunifu separator horizontal and vertical support

Additionally, you can now choose 8 style options when customizing Bunifu Separator. These include: Solid, Dashed, Dotted, Dashed & Dotted, Dashed, Dotted-Dotted, Double-edge faded, Left-edge faded, Right-edge faded

8 styling options for Bunifu Separator

Other enhancements – Bunifu Button & Dataviz

Bunifu Button received a bug fix and an enhancement:

  • Fixed an issue with the disabled state colours not rendering.
  • Added property `OnDisabledState` to the Properties window.

Dataviz received an improvement on licensing activation user experience andĀ  for Dataviz Basic the following fix was made:

  • [Breaking] Fixed reference issues with advanced charts

How to install and update

Please visitĀ https://bit.ly/39XQOVrĀ for guidelines on how to install and activate Bunifu UI via NuGet.

We will back again soon for more updates and we encourage as many of you to give us feedback as much as possible. Stay tuned!