1. License Type
    1. License is per developer meaning each developer should have a unique license key. Each key allows up to two activations (two machines). This means if you are collaborating you can have two devices activated using same key.
  2. Subscription
    1. All renewals are paid annually from date of purchase
  3. Limitations
    1. Design time limitation upon expiry i.e. you will not be able to edit your project in design time using the framework if you do not renew
    2. No run time limitations
  4. Feature updates
    1. Free feature updates on specific product within active licensing period for all premium users
  5. Source code
    1. We do not provide the product (Framework) source code
  6. Royalties and distribution
    1. You will not pay any royalties for applications you make and deploy using our framework
    2. You may distribute applications you make using our framework royalty free
  7. Resetting and transfers
    1. If you bought a new PC or need to transfer your license to another machine, write to [email protected] . The key being transferred should be active at a time
    2. If you bought a license and it’s not working, please write to dev[email protected], we will track your details and reset for you
  8. Post expiry
    1. Your compiled applications will continue running even after expiry of license. However, your will not be able to edit your project / solution in design time
  9. Bug fixing
    1. Will be handled on case by case basis which will dictate the timeframe for resolving the bug
  10. Free Trial
    1. We provide a 14-day free trial for all premium users
    2. Upon expiry, you will need to purchase to continue using the product
  11. Activation process
    1. All activations are online. Meaning you will need internet to activate. There are no offline activations
    2. During activation process we will collect personal info such as email so we can send you the activation details. Please see our privacy policy
  12. Licensing changes
    1. We reserve the right to modify the licensing from time to time without notice