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Bunifu Framework UI tools provide you with all the tools you need to create modern desktop apps in less time.

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Why choose Bunifu Framework?

With Bunifu Framework UI tools, you get all the tools you need to maximize your creativity, make you more productive and save you money in Visual Studio .NET for C# and VB.NET


You are equipped to achieve any design you can think of with Bunifu Framework. You can do this using the custom properties included in each feature

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Your next application will load faster due to the use of fewer system resources. This is made possible by the small footprint left on the system

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Create good looking user interfaces with a modern touch with ease and give your users a trendy user experience. Simply use Bunifu Framework to achieve this

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Plot charts with ease using BuniCharts. In-built chart types allow you to switch from one chart without writing new code

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You do not need an extra license to deploy your projects. Simply build and ship. The license affects design-time only

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We provide a timely response to your support queries. We further go above and beyond as required. This includes remote assistance

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Feature inspirations to get you started fast

See what you can design with Bunifu Framework design elements

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Examples of use cases

Learn from our customers how Bunifu Framework is helping them to build better designs faster with less cost

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Countries reached

Used by hundreds globally


Growing community

Join thousands of developers spread across the world who are using Bunifu Framework to craft stunning interfaces in less time

Shared feedback

Real people. Real-world experiences

In 2017 we met BunifuFramework, we found it a very interesting product to work on our products, we found that we had very personal technical support and impressive human support.

Francisco MartínezFrancisco Martínez, CEO, BitHidraulyco Security

I will just say great work on the framework, we find it elegant and practical

Lee Wei, Vice president of Global Engineering (Former), Malwarebytes

What we liked about Bunifu UI tools is the small footprint on the system while allowing great style and flexibility. The price was also just right. Their customer support is always fast and efficient

Ralph Akhras, CEO, Soraco Technologies

Latest News

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  • Bunifu Framework .NET 6 support

Bunifu Framework now supports .NET 6 – Version 6.0.0 for UI WinForms and 2.0.0 for BuniCharts!

July 7th, 2022|

We are pleased to announce that.NET 6.0 is now supported by Bunifu Charts and Bunifu UI WinForms. Support for.NET 6.0 finally started its protracted journey a year ago. We had some issues trying to ensure compatibility during the development and testing phases, but finally, it is done! Version 6.0.0 is vital for you as a developer since it includes significant changes and long-awaited bug fixes. Below is a summary of what

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