We are pleased to give you an update of the fixes and enhancements we have been working on for the month – April 2020 Bunifu UI WinForms version 2.1.7. Please see below updates just for you!


  • Fixed free-trial license activation issue
  • Improved end-user experience

Bunifu Separator:

  • Added Smart Tags.
  • Added the ‘LineStyles’ property that supports various line-style options
  • Added the ‘Orientation’ property that supports vertical and horizontal styles
  • Improved graphics rendering

Bunifu CheckBox:

  • Added the property ‘BorderRadius’ that can now be used to control all state radiuses

Bunifu Radio Button:

  • Added Smart Tags

Bunifu Gradient Panel:

  • Added Smart Tags
  • Added the ‘BorderRadius’ property that can now control all state radiuses
  • Added the ‘Generate Color Scheme’ Smart Tag feature for generating unique gradients
  • Added ability to generate unique color schemes using the ‘GenerateColorScheme’ method.

Bunifu Horizontal ScrollBar:

  • Fixed an issue with scrolling DataGrids

Bunifu ProgressBar:

  • Fixed progress value positioning when rendering
  • Added Smart Tags
  • Added support for curved progress bar edges
  • Added the properties ‘AnimationSpeed’ and ‘ValueByTransition’
  • Added the ‘ProgressChanged’ event and its event data ‘ProgressChangedEventArgs’
  • Progress animation is now provided using the property ‘ValueByTransition’
  • Improved graphics rendering
  •  Improved property naming

Please visit https://bit.ly/39XQOVr or https://kutt.it/3OGUYy for guidelines on how to install and activate Bunifu UI via NuGet.