We are happy to let you know that Bunifu .NET Framework version 1.5.3 is now out! In this version we have majorly fixed most of the bugs reported in version 1.5.2.

We noted licensing was a big challenge for most of you and have added a new licensing module that gives you control of your key. This is to give you flexibility so you can transfer the license whenever you want and wouldn’t need support to reset the license for you. Please see more changes below.

Features / User experience improvements

  • Added user license management / device management
  • Activation up to two devices per key
  • Default value for dropdown enabled
  • Silent mode installer
  • Improved documentation

Bugs fixed

  • Fix license session timeout – e.g. on windows update or when user restarts computer
  • Flat Button bug – Indicate the active button
  • BunfuFlatButton – Text alignment issue
  • Dropdown menu not working – OnselectItem doesn’t work
  • Events on buttons not working – ability to perform click method with BunifuFlatButton FlatButton.PerformClick();
  • Startup screen – Startup screen constantly displaying
  • BunifuTrackbar, BunifuVTrackbar – Adding minimum Value
  • Removing ‘%’ Sign in Gauge / adding flexibilty
  • Remove aaa test component in toolbox – redundant component
  • Flat button selected property not working
  • No Access Key and Tab Support for buttons
  • Blurry and jagged edges example OSS Switch

New licensing (Premium Users Only)

You will need to download the new Bunifu Framework Manager version 1.5.3 to make most of the new licensing. You can download by logging in to my account area. Please run a new install with Bunifu Framework manager version 1.5.3 and reactivate using the new license which is the first one.

You will find the new license under my account area.  The new license is the first one and the old license second. The old license will be deprecated on May 31st and does not support activation for two devices. Kindly update your activation before then.

Managing your key and devices (Premium users only)

Please visit managing key & devices section of the documentation.

Coming up…

We will be releasing Bunifu UI Dataviz which will empower you to express your data and dashboards in waaaaaay awesome display! It will work for Winforms and WPF and will be released on April 30th. It will cost $50 but will have a special discount for you since you are already our customer 🙂

In May we will be adding a dozen of the features you requested to Bunifu UI Winforms. If you still have feature requests please let us know so we can add to the backlog.

That’s it for now.

Happy coding 🙂