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    • Dennis
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      I’m just about to give up on this framework…
      I tried your support first, but after an hour all they managed to do was to tell me my license is okay, so I’m giving this one last chance in the forums.

      No matter what I do, I always get a splash screen saying my software was created using a trial version of Bunifu Framework.

      So far I tried:

      1. Creating a new project, adding the 5.0.3 NuGet. Upon adding the controls to the project I get a screen asking me fr the credentials (email and license key), I supply it and it says it’s all good. I then tried cleaning, rebuilding and god knows what, as soon as I run the application it says it’s a trial version.

      2. I tried deleting the files in ‘C:\ProgramData\Bunifu Technologies\UIWinForms’, redoing the activation, no change.

      3. Deleting the keys in the registry. No change. (together with deleting the files on the drive of course and all possible combinations).

      4. Deleting all Bunifu related files o the hard drive, re-adding them, testing it again. No change.

      5. Reinstalling windows and Visual Studio (2019 and also 2015) on a virtual machine. No change, same problem.

      6. Tested all NuGet versions all the way back to 4.0.0. No change, always a splash screen.

      After playing around deleting files and registry keys I’ve ended up with a few test projects not being able to run at all with an exception saying:

      “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.ComponentModel.LicenseException’ occurred in Bunifu.Licensing.dll
      Additional information: This product does not have a valid Bunifu UI WinForms license to run.”

      That one is a bit odd because 2 projects in the same solution get the splash screen and another one gets that exception.

    • Dennis
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      A month and still no help.

      The chat couldn’t help and told me to go and post my issue on the forum and here it’s just silence.

    • Onur Korkmaz
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      I wish there was a Discord channel for this framework. There is not even a decent github page where we can just contact with developers easily.

    • Dennis
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      For all of you that are wondering.

      No, they still haven’t gotten back to me.

      So be very cautious if you decide to buy this framework. The chat will point towards the forum and the staff running forum will not even reply.

      4 months and I still can’t use it. Tested on different hardware and multiple virtual machines, with different operating systems and different versions of Visual Studio. I’ve given up and lost $249.

      So again, think twice before buying this framework. If you get into any problems, you’re on your own. And no, you will not get your money back.

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