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    • Tam Huynh
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      How do you update a project using an older version of Bunifu?
      For example if my project is using 1.11.0, how can I update the project to use 1.20.0?

      Do I have to remove the controls from the toolbox and then add it in again?

    • Wilberforce Seguton
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      Hello Tam,

      The update process is similar to the installation process. You have to remove old references then add new and reset toolbox then import controls to toolbox.

      We are working on a new update manager that will improve this process using Nuget package manager. Kindly be patient with us for now.

    • Vincent Baziret
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      Hello ,

      Do you have a way to move a project from the old way of installation to the new Github way ? Without recreate the project ?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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