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Bunifu Button

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    Good Evening,

    I’m trying to select a Bunifu Button when I click on it but I have been unable to do so. All of the tutorials and documentation I found uses the Bunifu Flat Button but I don’t have that control. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to click on a button and have the button be selected. I’m using the Trial Version.


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    Wilfred Kimura

    Hello Steven,

    We have included this feature to be part of our next release. As of now, you can call the method Focus() in the button’s Click event. Here’s an example:

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    I tried the Focus() method and it doesn’t do anything. My user interface has the buttons in a left panel. When I click on the button, I want the button to appear a certain color indicating that it is selected. I’ve set the button to appear in a purple color when clicked setting the OnPressedState method. Am I missing something else? Am I supposed to set another property for this to happen? I put the BunifuButton1.Focus() in the Click method as you said.


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