Bunifu Technologies Limited is excited to announce a new rebranding initiative for its product Bunifu Framework! The rebranding exercise encompasses Bunifu Framework website redesign and product logo redesign.

Bunifu Framework

The rebranding exercise is a bold statement from us to our customers, followers and fans that we are looking into the future with bright eyes and are here for the long-term. It further confirms our ambition to be among the top global productivity tools provider. Furthermore, it restates our commitment to innovation and always being relevant to you.

“The rebranding is a confirmation of the statement that change is like rest. For many people, 2020 has not been a great year. Given the unfortunate circumstances that befell us in one way or another. Here at Bunifu, we look to the future with hope for a bigger, better and modern outlook. We hope this will communicate a small message of resilience to our customers and fans and give assurance that we are together for the long-term. It also shows our desire to keep bettering ourselves for our fans and customers. It is my hope the new branding will improve your experience” – Wilberforce Seguton, CEO Bunifu Technologies.

The new logo was designed collaboratively with feedback from the team, third party designers, users and also a benchmark with what is happening in the design space. The new logo is a metamorphosis of our previous logo – text-based logo with a logo icon. This time around, we made it modern, bigger and better. The new logo redesign shows our bold commitment to enter into unchartered territories in 2021 such as.NET5, Blazor UI, Web among others.

The new-look website is a representation of your views following incorporation of feedback from a survey we did earlier in the year.  The website offers a bright, modern, easy to navigate design with improved legibility. We’ve better-organized resources for developers, clearly displaying what is in it for you for the plan you will choose and shed more light on who we are. We have also re-introduced forums which demonstrate our desire to maintain an active community.

The new website also comes with new pricing plans suitable for a variety of customers. Over the years, we’ve noticed the following tier of customers left out i.e. startups and small businesses/teams. We’ve taken care of startups and small businesses with flexible plans. That’s not the end of it, our sales team will always be available to listen to you. We shall also be hosting live webinars and webinar archives on the website in 2021. We now have a webinar section on the new website. Stay tuned.

Finally, the new change will be felt across our products. We have lined up improvements in product licensing, a new way of data visualization through BuniCharts which will be released in early 2020, improvements to the existing products and so on.

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