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We are excited to announce the release of Bunifu Shapes control in our latest Bunifu framework release version 4.0.0

Bunifu Shapes Control 

Bunifu Shapes allows you to easily create and customize scalable geometric shapes in your WinForms app design. Bunifu Shapes supports the creation of rectangle, square, circle, oval, polygonal and line shapes.

Bunifu Shapes

With Bunifu Shapes, you have more control to set your own preferences for the shapes and bring out the full potential of in your shape design. See documentation.

Bug fixes & Enhancements  

In this version, we have added the following bug fixes and enhanced features.

Bunifu Button:

  •  Added the properties ‘AutoRoundBorders’‘AllowAnimations‘ and ‘AllowMouseEffects’
  • Fixed foreground and background color reset when inactive
  • Improved border rendering.

Bunifu DatePicker:

  • Added Smart Tags
  • Added ‘FillIndicator’ property in Smart Tags
  • Added property ‘LeftTextMargin’
  • Removed minimum width restrictions
  • Improved code documentation

Bunifu Radio Button:

  • Added support for tabbing through and checking radio buttons using ‘Space’ and ‘Enter’ keys
  • Added properties ‘RadioColorTabFocused’ and ‘OutlineColorTabFocused’ for tab visual indicators
  • Fixed the ‘Checked’ property not persisting once set to true.

Bunifu Slider:

  • Added property ‘ThumbSize‘ with support for small, medium and large thumb sizes.

Bunifu Snackbar:

  • Added property ‘AllowDragging’ that lets you enable/disable dragging snackbars.

In conclusion, we hope these new features and enhancements will help you create a good looking user interface in your WinForms apps. Our mission is to empower you to create the best user experiences faster and with ease.

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Featured image credits Freepik