We are pleased to announce that.NET 6.0 is now supported by Bunifu Charts and Bunifu UI WinForms. Support for.NET 6.0 finally started its protracted journey a year ago.

We had some issues trying to ensure compatibility during the development and testing phases, but finally, it is done!

Version 6.0.0 is vital for you as a developer since it includes significant changes and long-awaited bug fixes. Below is a summary of what is included in this release:


  • [New] Added support for .NET 6 and higher
  • [New] Added Bunifu Form Resize Icon
  • [New] Added Bunifu Form Drag component
  • Bunifu Snackbar: Added property ‘MessageTopMargin’
  • Bunifu TextBox: Added support for password placeholders
  • Significantly reduced graphics memory footprint
  • Improved rendering performance for controls

Bug Fixes:
(1) Bunifu Button:

  • Fixed hover/idle state conflicts
  • Fixed left and right icons not being responsive
  • Fixed toggle-style losing focus in some instances

BuniCharts Improvements:

  • [New] Added support for .NET 6 and higher
  • Improved rendering performance for charts

(2) Licensing:

  • Resolved window DPI scaling for various resolutions

We appreciate your patience and will keep creating new features to make using.NET desktop apps better for you all. Using the links below, you can update to the most recent version using Nuget:

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