Time to break the Enigma Code!

Welcome to .NET Conf 2021
Secret Decoder Challenge!

Illustration by: Kieran O’Brien

Alright! you are on your way to becoming the next Alan Turing 😉 Here is your clue to the legendary challenge.

I am the only vowel, and I appear twice in the coding word that describes actions on the GIF and its descriptions stated below the GIFs

Bunifu Slider in action
MouseCaptureChanged: is raised whenever the mouse has been captured or changed within the slider.
Scroll: is raised whenever scrolling begins.
ValueChanged: is raised whenever the Value property has been changed.
Bunifu Tooltip
Popup: Raised whenever the ToolTip is being shown. Includes the PopupEventArgs event arguments for handling the associated Control and ToolTip.
Closed: Raised whenever the ToolTip is being closed.

All the best 🙂