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Seamless interactivity experience with Bunifu Transition

Transition Component for C# & VB.NET Developers

Bunifu Transition is a custom component with a set of transitions that help improve your interactivity within your desktop app. Bunifu Transition comes with 12 transitions namely:

  • Custom
  • Rotate
  • HorizSlide
  • VertSlide
  • Scale
  • ScaleAndRotate
  • Transparent
  • Leaf
  • Mosaic
  • Particles
  • VertBlind
  • HorizBlind

Key animation customizations:

  • Ability to select animation type – choose from 12 animations available
  • Ability to set the animation interval
  • Ability to set how long the animation should take
  • Ability to set the rendering rate
  • Supports custom events

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