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Beautiful modern rounded design with Bunifu Ellipse

Ellipse Component for C# & VB.NET Developers

Bunifu Ellipse is a custom component that create round edges on controls e.g. forms. It is a drag and drop based component. Bunifu Ellipse is powerful in that you can use ApplyEllipse () method to apply rounded edges to any control.

Possible customizations:

  • Ability to change the radius
  • Ability to select target control using a method
Ellipsed button
Ellipsed button
Ellipsed form
Ellipsed form

Custom properties and methods

  • Ellipse can be applied on any control using the ApplyEllipse method with overloading:
  • Default state applies ellipse to the current control using ApplyEllipse()
  • Ability to apply ellipse to a particular control using ApplyEllipse(Control control) method
  • Ability to specify ellipse radius size using ApplyEllipse(Control control, int ellipseRadius)
  • Ability to set the radius of the ellipse component using EllipseRadius property
  • Target a specific control to apply ellipse using TargetControl property

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