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Stunning Interactive UX with Bunifu Color Transition

Color Transition for C# & VB.NET Developers

Bunifu Color Transition is a custom component that allows change from one color to another over a certain period of time as an action is performed. For example, if you are measuring heat temperature. The thermometer indicator can change slowly from blue, yellow then red in a slow manner. This greatly improves the UX of your application.

Possible customizations:

  • Ability to set the first (initial color) and second color (Ending color)
  • Ability to use it on custom controls such as progress bars, gauges and panels
Bunifu Color Transition
Bunifu Color Transition
Bunifu Color Transition - progress with Bunifu Slider
Bunifu Color Transition - progress with Bunifu Slider

Custom properties

  • Set the initial color using Color 1 property
  • Set the color that stops the transition using Color 2 property
  • Set the gradient between the Color 1 and Color 2 using ProgressValue property
  • Value is the current value of the transition – the intermediate color between Color 1 and Color 2, as specified by the Progress Value property

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