Perfect plan for students and teachers for educational purposes

Education license terms

The education plan is valid only for currently enrolled students, faculty or staff members of an academic institution. Please see below the license terms.

  • You agree that we need your student information so we can verify you
  • We will only enrol you to this plan if you have a verifiable email address with your school domain
  • Your licensing details will only be sent to the verified email and not alternative emails
  • Licensing period will be 1 year
  • The plan is per student licensing meaning it only serves one student account
  • If you want group licensing then you will give us more details, costs will be equal to the number of licenses required
  • We  reserve the right to review the plan from time to time
  • Because of the verification, the process is not instant hence we’ll need a little patience from you end. We will try to be fast as much as we can
  • Licensing is per product, meaning you will pay for the license separately for WinForms and Dataviz
  • We reserve the right to request for additional verification information if  required