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Change Log

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Release date: 15th August, 2018 

  • Added Bunifu DatePicker New Feature


Release date: 3rd August, 2018 

Bunifu ScrollBars:

  • Fixed value-calibration issues.
  • Added scrollbar options menu and the property AllowScrollOptionsMenu that allows showing or hiding it at runtime.
  • Fixed inappropriate setting of the thumb’s length after the Maximum property-value is changed.
  • Fixed an issue with indeterminate thumb movements occurring in-between certain value ranges.

Bunifu Label:

  • Added ability to detect newline characters in text.
  • Added the property ConvertNewlinesToBreakTags which will come enabled by default.
  • Added the properties AutoEllipsis for displaying ellipsis characters when the text exceeds the length of the label and TextAlignment that extends the previous TextAlign property with the use of the ContentAlignment enumeration.
  • Added the event EllipsisFormatChanged.
  • The property IsSelectionEnabled will now be disabled by default.

Bunifu Form Dock:

  • Changed the previous BunifuWindowState internal property to WindowState and the previous BunifuWindowStates enumeration to FormWindowStates enumeration.
  • Fixed an issue with mouse-flickers when dragging a form after full-screen docking.

Bunifu Core:

  • Security Enhancement, Days bug fixed, New license info License dialog.

Calibrated controls:

  • Bunifu Dropdown, Bunifu RadioButton, and Bunifu PictureBox.


Release date: 10th July, 2018 

  • Added Bunifu Form Docker. New Feature
  • Bunifu Scrollbar fixes & additions:
      • Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException occurring whenever the containing parent form is resized to its minimum threshold.
      • Added internal getter property Orientation that allows checking the type of orientation a Scrollbar is designed for.
      • Added Smart Tag properties.
      • Added property AllowShrinkingOnFocusLost that will automatically shrink the Scrollbar when inactive for a period of time.
      • Added internal property ShrinkSizeLimit for controlling the size of the Scrollbar whenever the property AllowShrinkingOnFocusLost is set to true.
      • Added internal property DurationBeforeShrink for controlling the time it takes before the Scrollbar shrinks when inactive.


Release date: 6th July, 2018 

  • Fixed division-by-zero error.
  • Fixed 64-bit CPU compatibility issue.


Release date: 28th June, 2018 

  • Added Bunifu PictureBox New Feature
  • Added Bunifu ShadowPanel New Feature


Release date: 31st May, 2018 

  • Updated Dropdown border-radius to accept sharp edges.
  • Updated Dropdown to use the default Text property instead of the SelectedIndex property at design time.
  • Enabled offline activation licensing option. *Requires manual intervention


Release date: 17th May, 2018 

  • Aded Bunifu Vertical Scrollbar New Feature
  • Added Bunifu Horizontal Scrollbar New Feature
  • Fixed Bunifu TextBox font alignment and other missing properties.
  • Fixed Bunifu CheckBox border-color-changes after project rebuild.
  • Fixed Bunifu CheckBox border-style changes at first-time build.
  • Added extra SmartTag properties in Bunifu CheckBox.
  • Fixed file versioning issue.


Release date: 10th May, 2018 

  • Added Bunifu TextBox Default Text property.
  • Added Bunifu TextBox Default Font.
  • Fixed BunifuTextbox key events bug.


Release date: 9th May, 2018 

  • Removed Newtonsoft dependency – it will no longer be required. Major
  • Added x86 (32-bit) and  x64 (64-bit) processor architecture compatibility.
  • Solved license activation network and location error – HttpClient post algorithm updated – activation now works in all countries.


Release date: 26th April, 2018 

  • Added PerformClick() method to Bunifu Button.
  • Added ability to set Bunifu TextBox border to “0”.
  • Added ability to have a blank placeholder text in Bunifu TextBox.
  • Maximum Size property reset for Bunifu TextBox.


Release date: 24th April, 2018 

This release featured optimizations:

  • Optimization – no restart after successful install fix; removed require Visual Studio restart after activation.
  • Added offline client debug logger.
  • Added error-handling and reporting for Internet activation issues.


Release date: 23rd April, 2018 

This release featured bug fixing:

  • Fixed “Payment not found – license missing error”.
  • Fixed existing customer sync data issue.
  • Fixed exception error and visual studio sudden exit error.
  • Fixed delayed Visual Studio freezing.
  • Added license number of days encoding.

Version 1.5.4

Release date: 14th April, 2018 

This release featured bug fixing, improvements, and new features:

  • Deprecated BunifuFlatButton and replaced with new and improved BunifuThinButton.
  • Deprecated BunifuCheckBox and replaced with new and improved Bunifu CheckBox.
  • Deprecated BunifuCustomLabel replaced with new and improved Bunifu Label.
  • Deprecated BunifuProgressBar replaced with new and improved Bunifu ProgressBar.
  • Deprecated BunifuCustomTextBox, BunifuMaterialTextBox, and BunifuMetroTextBox replaced with new and improved Bunifu TextBox.
  • Added new control Bunifu RadioButton.
  • Added new control Bunifu ToggleSwitch.
  • Migrated controls from bitmap to vector, namely: Button, ProgressBar, CheckBox, TextBox.
  • Fixed GDI issue in buttons, dropdown, radio buttons, and toggle switch.

Version 1.5.3

Release date: 14th April, 2017

This release featured bug fixing and major licensing improvements:

  • Fixed license session timeout
  • Added active status on buttons.
  • Fixed flat button text-alignment issue.
  • Fixed OnSelectItem event issue bug on the dropdown.
  • Added ability to perform click method with BunifuFlatButton.
  • Fixed license manager annoying startup screen constant display.
  • Added minimum value to BunifuTrackbar, BunifuVTrackbar
  • Added enhanced flexibility to the Gauge control.
  • Removed redundant component on ToolBox control list in Visual Studio.
  • Fixed flat button select property not working.
  • Fixed no access key and added tab Support for buttons.
  • Fixed blurry and jagged edges in OSS Switch control.
  • Added user license management/device management.
  • Added ability to activate up to two devices per key.
  • Enabled default value for dropdown control.
  • Enabled silent mode installer for license manager during install.

 Version 1.5.2

Release date: 23rd November, 2016

This release focused on product licensing:

  • Introduced the free trial for UI WinForms.
  • Added activation of two devices per license.

Version 1.5.1

Release date: 18th November, 2016

This release featured bug fixing and Material TextBox addition:

  • Fixed circle progress flickering.
  • Added animation on Circle Progress Bar control.
  • Fixed alignment issue on Vertical Trackbar.
  • Fixed calendar Date formatting issue.
  • Added calibration on circle progress bar for smoother experience.

Version 1.5

Release date: 21st October, 2016

In this release version we had bug fixing and feature enhancements:

  • Renamed Bunifu Animator control to Bunifu Transition.
  • Fixed data grid control calibration issue.
  • Added events to text boxes.
  • Fixed buttons’ text text-alignment issue.
  • Slider control calibration issue fixed.
  • Dropdown control options display issue fixed.
  • Enhanced Metro & Material TextBox control properties.

Version 1.4

Release date: 16th September, 2016

This release featured bug fixing and addition of new controls:

  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs (backward-compatibility considered).
  • Fixed calibration issue in Dropdown control.
  • Fixed calibration issue in iOS Switch CheckBox control.
  • Added Bunifu Thin Button control.
  • Added Bunifu DataGridview control.

Version 1.3

Release date: 5th August, 2016

This release featured addition of controls and components:

  • Added Bunifu Gradient Control.
  • Added Color Chooser control.
  • Added Bunifu Color Transition control.
  • Added Bunifu HTTP Utilities component.
  • Added Web Client component.

Version 1.2

Release date: 31st  May, 2016

This was the very first release; the following were its features:

  • Flat Button
  • Text Box
  • Calendar
  • Separator
  • Slider
  • Range
  • Progress Bar
  • Rating
  • Circle Progress Bar
  • Transitions
  • Ellipse
  • Move Form


Release date: 3rd August, 2018 

  • Bunifu Core: Security Enhancement, Days bug fixed, New license info License dialog


Release date: 6th July, 2018 

  • Fixed division-by-zero error.
  • Fixed 64-bit CPU compatibility issue.


Release date: 9th May, 2018 

  • Removed Newtonsoft dependency – no longer required. Major
  • Added x86 (32-bit) and  x64 (64-bit) processor architecture compatibility.
  • Solved license activation network and location error – HttpClient post algorithm updated – activation now works in all countries.


Release date: 25th April, 2018

Optimizations and bug fixing:

  • Added ability to accept object values. (e.g decimals, doubles and floats)
  • Fixed namespace issue. (Backward compatibility)


Release date: 24th April, 2018

This release featured optimizations:

  • Removed require Visual Studio restart after activation.
  • Added end-user error reporting.
  • Fixed crash after activating DataViz.

Version 1.0.2

Release date: 20th April, 2018

This release featured license migration and optimizations:

  • Improved license session-caching.
  • Provided DLL-based activation.

Version 1.0.1

Release date: 5th May, 2017

This was the first release of Bunifu DataViz. It came in two versions: Basic and Advanced.

The following were its features per-version:


10 chart-type controls:

  • Area chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Doughnut chart
  • Spline Area chart
  • Spline chart
  • Column chart
  • Step Area chart
  • Step Line chart
  • Line chart


Includes all the basic chart types in the Basic version together with an additional 14 advanced charts:

  • Bubble chart
  • Candle Stick chart
  • OHLC chart
  • Range Bar chart
  • Range Column chart
  • Range Spline Area chart
  • Scatter chart
  • Stacked Area chart
  • Stacked Area 100 chart
  • Stacked Bar chart
  • Stacked Bar 100 chart
  • Stacked Column chart
  • Stacked Column 100 chart
  • Step Line chart