About Us

Know our story

Bunifu Framework is a product of Bunifu Technologies Limited which was founded in 2011 and was incorporated as a limited company is 2014. Primarily Bunifu is an innovative software company behind Bunifu Antivirus software. Bunifu has been developing custom software solutions since 2011 and with years of experience in coding, inhouse custom software developer tools became part of development process. Later we realized we could offer these inhouse tools to other developers as a service at an affordable cost.

Birth of Bunifu Framework

Began as a hobby by our CTO and gradually became the default tools that all our developers use in our apps. After doing demos showing the capabilities of the in house developer tools since 2015, we received positive comments and likes. At this we launched a pre-order sale in January 2016 which received a very positive response with over 1000 pre-orders. This prompted us to be more serious about the tools. We developed the first version targeting WinForms April 2016. The first version was released on May 31st 2016.

Further Development

We have released many versions with added new features and bug fixing for each version.

Our Passion

Productively delivering great UI and UX is joy to us. This is reflected in our products and we would like to see the same for our fellow developers and engineers. Innately, we are an engineering company and we pride ourselves as the nexus of engineering and technology in our own right.