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How to install and activate Bunifu UI WinForms free trial

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How to install and activate Bunifu UI WinForms free trial

This article provides a detailed step-by-step guide on how to install Bunifu UI WinForms free trial.

Step 1:

Navigate to free trial page from the homepage then clicking Download free trial button or by going directly to free trial page.

Next, you need to provide your email address which we will use to send to you your free license key, then click on the download free button.

After providing your email and clicked the download button you’ll be navigated to a page where we’ll inform you to check our mail in your inbox email account, which contains the link to download  Bunifu UI.Net Framework.

Step 2:

Login to your email account and look out for an email we sent you. It contains the link with the zip that you will need to download.  Navigate to the path in your computer where the zip file has been downloaded and unzip it.

Step 3:

Start your Visual Studio IDE (2012 and above); Go to File > New Project (You can create a Visual C# or a Visual Basic project).

If the Toolbox Tab isn’t visible, open it by navigating to the View menu and selecting Toolbox or typing CTRL + W, X.

In the Toolbox, right-click and add a new Tab – you can give it any name – then right-click on it and select the Choose Items… menu option:

In the .NET Framework Components tab, click Browse… then go to the folder you extracted the downloaded Bunifu Framework and select the list of controls you wish to use in your WinForms project. On completing this, click OK.

If you followed the above steps correctly and without any issues, you will see in the Toolbox, under the new Tab you created, the Bunifu control(s) you selected.

Step 4:

A small popup window will show up right after dragging and dropping any controls to your Form – once it completes loading-up, a Bunifu licensing window will pop-up:


Here you’ll need to provide the email address you registered with when downloading the Framework then click on the Activate button.

Visual studio will exit to complete the installation of Bunifu Framework. You need now to launch Visual Studio again to continue with the new project you created. The Bunifu controls’ free license is now integrated…


Happy coding!

Wilberforce Seguton
Wilberforce Seguton
Product Manager, Bunifu Framework

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